The beauty of photography is it stop time.

by Timothy See

Getting Started Again     

      One of my true loves since I was a child was how photographs are produced. My brother Mike bought me a Three Stooges developing kit from a white elephant bazaar in Sharon Pa. How it worked was you put a B&W negative in a 3" x 4" clear plastic case with a piece of photographic paper and turn the light on and off very fast. Then you put the exposed paper into the developer, stop bath and fixer. When I saw the Three Stooges photo slowly develop in the tray, I was hooked for life. This site is my way of sharing some of the tens of thousands of pictures I have taken over the years. 

    Back in 1971 my dad help be build my first darkroom. It help me continue my instruction in B&W printing. This type of photography is lost in todays digital camera world.  When you see B&W photograph printed correctly on chlorobromide papers with the rich gray tones from white to black, it is a work of art. Below is an example of one of those B&W photographs.


        This web-site is dedicated to Robbie, since we met New Year Day 2014 she has supported my photography. She is my soul mate, she has given me her love and encouragement to succeed in starting my photography studio again. She waited patiently for hours on vacation in Arizona as I looked and set-up the picture below. One of my top 5 pictures. It was taken in the daylight with a neutral density filter, 25 seconds, f22 at 100 ISO.


Taken in NYC subway. Greg was an inspiration to me in getting back into taking pictures again after going through a life's changing trial.    Below is a picture from our wild west adventure.

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